7 Reasons to Switch to Property Works’ Lease Management

Savvy business owners are increasingly relying on lease administration software to help keep track of their properties. But in the sea of real estate–management platforms, how does a business operator know which is the right fit? 

Property Works offers a full range of real estate–management services that benefit multi-unit business operators across industries. From David Yurman to Marc Jacobs, Pep Boys to Big Brand Tire and Service, Orangetheory Fitness to Pacific Dental Services, our clients trust in our service and software to ensure their companies thrive.

Here, we’ll dive into seven reasons why so many multi-unit businesses are making the switch to Property Works.

1. The Price is Right

With Property Works’ proprietary system, you not only get the most efficient and effective lease management in the industry, but also at the most affordable rate

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for all real estate–management companies. Too often, business operators buy into a software package, only for that software to become outdated. Many lease-management companies will then charge exorbitant fees—sometimes upward of $100,000—to upgrade the existing software or to transfer the data back over to the business operator.

“A lot of companies try to get clients in with an affordable rate, but getting out is so costly,” says Trisha Cuda, Property Works’ Vice President of Operations. “That’s not who we are.” 

“At the end of the day, it’s all about doing the right thing for everybody involved,” adds Karla Finnegan, Partner & Vice President of Sales. “We’re not here to rip anybody off and make millions in a year. We will import a business client’s information and save that client money. It really comes down to putting people first.”

2. We Offer Unmatched Customer Service

Whether it’s team training sessions, step-by-step software troubleshooting, or dedicated account managers monitoring your portfolio, Property Works prides itself on offering expert guidance when and if our clients need it.

And that goes for whether the client is software-only or full-service.

“There is always someone clients can talk to,” says Cuda. “Even if we’re not hired to fill that role for them, we will have that conversation. Actually having that human connection makes a difference.”

So while full-service clients can rest easy knowing that Property Works has a team of experts managing their data daily, software-only clients are also fully empowered to reach out to our team to ask for advice, guidance, and training when needed.

3. We Connect Your Real Estate & Accounting Departments

Keeping tabs on dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of properties is a daunting task. A worthwhile lease-management platform should consolidate all of those properties’ data into one streamlined location, better enabling you to track portfolio-wide finances, reduce risk, and forecast expenses.

Property Works’ proprietary software does just that, and more. By supporting both the real estate and accounting sides of a business, our platform offers more security, organization, and reliability between departments, and in so doing bolsters long-term data integrity.

“Integrating accounting with real estate, and being able to take a dive into either portfolio-wide, saves a company money and really takes them to the next level,” says Cuda. “You can take a look at data on a bigger scale to be able to make more knowledgeable decisions.”

4. The Platform is Fully Customizable

“If a client needs configuration within the system, we can build it,” says Cuda.

That means that whatever build-out a client requests—be it as simple as a new module or as complex as a custom tracking system—Property Works’ support staff can make it a reality. 

“If we recognize that our client needs something, we make it happen,” Cuda continues. “It all goes back to understanding the needs of the particular client to figure out how much customization they may need.”

5. We Remove the Complexity From Lease Management

Too often, juggling multiple properties’ complex data takes precedence over what matters most: running your company and servicing your own clientele. Property Works’ platform streamlines that data so business operators can feel more confident in their day-to-day portfolio management.

“We simplify capturing your data sets and reporting it in the ways that you need,” states Finnegan.

By offering business operators a full spectrum of real estate–management services, Property Works takes the complexity out of lease administration. 

6. Simplified FASB ASC-842 Lease Accounting

Unlike their competitors, Property Works’ clients have enjoyed unsurpassed support throughout auditing their data to meet the new compliance standards set by ASC-842.

Our web-based lease-management system has a dedicated ASC-842 module that makes compliance easy. And should a client need more support, our customer service provides expert guidance.

“We can hold a client’s hand and take them through the whole process,” Finnegan says. “People try to make it seem so difficult, but the data is all there. All you need is a system that catches your lease data and then commingles it with your accounting information.”

7. Property Works is the Industry Leader in Lease Management

Our 20+ years of experience translates to a reliability and success rate that clients can trust. No matter the industry or amount of managed leases, Property Works has the expertise to streamline your data and reduce risk. 

“When it comes right down to it, a lease is a lease,” says Finnegan. “No matter what you’re leasing, your management system needs to be able to track all the facets and be there for your team when you need it.”

That expertise spans a range of tasks that business operators may not realize they can have covered. 

“We can cut their checks,” continues Finnegan. “We can run their AP. We can guide them through ASC-842. We can manage their leases. The list goes on for what we offer clients, and we do so very efficiently.”

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