RFDC: Introducing Property Works' New Transaction Support Services

A look ahead to This Year’s Restaurant Finance and Development Conference:

Introducing Property Works' New Transaction Support Services  

As you gear up for the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference, there's something special cooking at Property Works. We're thrilled to introduce our brand-new Transaction Support Service, tailored for operators acquiring new locations and private equity groups acquiring new portfolios. This innovative service is designed to streamline post-closing integration, making the process smoother and more efficient than ever before. 

Our Transaction Support Service includes: 

  1. Pre-Acquisition Lease Abstracting: Gain a deep understanding of your lease obligations and opportunities before acquiring new locations. 
  2. Landlord Consent Acquisition: Navigate the complexities of landlord consents seamlessly. 
  3. Business & Operating License Transfers: Speed up the transfer of ownership on all business & operating licenses. 
  4. Utility and Vendor Agreement Transfers: Ensure a smooth transition of vendor and utility agreements. 
  5. AP Process Automation for New Locations: Establish an automated AP process for the newly acquired locations.

These comprehensive services significantly accelerate post-closing integration speed. Once the locations are acquired, Property Works remains your trusted partner, providing ongoing lease and real estate management services and tools: 

  1. Lease Abstraction: Our expert team abstracts lease data, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your lease obligations and opportunities from day one. 
  2. Outsourced Lease Administration: We handle the day-to-day responsibilities of lease administration with our team of experts and proprietary software platform, freeing up valuable staff time and keeping your back-office lean. 
  3. License and Permit Renewal Management: Our comprehensive solutions cover everything from license and permit renewals to compliance, so you can focus on what you do best. 
  4. Real Estate Tax Compliance: Let us worry about direct pay tax deadlines while you focus on growing your business. 
  5. ASC-842/IFRS 16 Tool: our state-of-the-art ASC-842 software module has everything you need to remain compliant.  
  6. Cost Recoveries: Our expert team keeps a close eye on occupancy cost statements to make sure lease terms aren’t breached, when necessary, we will recover overcharges from your landlords. 

Elevate Your Restaurant's Financial Game 

As the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference approaches, the excitement is palpable. It's a chance to delve deep into the financial intricacies of the restaurant world, make connections that matter, and uncover strategies that can reshape your restaurant's future. Don't miss this culinary conclave with a financial flavor. See you at RFDC, where Property Works is ready to take your restaurant's financial management to the next level. 

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