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The Industry’s Leading Approach

Landlord approval is a key component of deals requiring a transfer of assets, merger, acquisition or refinance.

While gathering landlord signatures may sound like a simple task, it requires significantly more time, resources and negotiation skills than most people realize. Handling the project in-house detracts from business-critical work and generally cost twice as much as it does to outsource the operation to Property Works.


When you’re ready for a turnkey consent and approval solution that doesn’t hijack your daily operations, look to Property Works. For more than 20 years, Property Works has handled landlord consent management projects for major brands around the country with 40 to more than 1,400 locations. Our program provides:

⊲ Proven Processes with Custom Technology

⊲ Ultimate Client Access and Transparency

⊲ Skilled Team with Lease Management Experience

⊲ Improved Landlord Compliance

⊲ Significantly Lower Closing Costs



Based on years of experience with national brands, Property Works has developed a proven approach to landlord consent management.

  • Phase I – Start-up