Property Works: The Lease-Management Platform of Choice for CRE Brokers

Better Serve Brokerage Clients With Real-Estate Management Technology.

The twenty-first-century Commercial Real Estate (CRE) firm has evolved beyond the traditional approach to lease management. Requirements on both the client and broker side have made relying on individual spreadsheets not only outdated, but a liability.

“Tracking and reporting lease information for clients is a time-consuming task,” says Ty Janney, Managing Principal of Lee and Associates Commercial Real Estate. “Most often, when we receive a question about a lease, it would typically require scanning through the entire lease document to find the answer.”

This manual process creates various disadvantages for CRE brokers overseeing their clients’ lease portfolio, including missing critical data insights, errors in documentation, losing track of terms. Ultimately these complications take time away from servicing clients.


One Central Place for Clients’ Lease Portfolios

Property Works’ lease-management technology is specifically designed to help mitigate risks—all in one straight-forward, customizable platform. Fundamental features include portfolio-wide data consolidation, critical alerting systems, and robust reporting capabilities, all of which instill confidence in both the CRE broker and his or her client. This accessibility across portfolios promotes both CRE client and team satisfaction. 

“The accuracy, security, and accessibility that Property Works’ platform provides enables our team to share and recall critical data with confidence,” says Janney of Lee and Associates, the largest broker-owned firm in North America.


And That’s Precisely what Property Works’ Lease-Management Platform Offers

 By consolidating all of a client’s leasing data into one central platform, brokers are able to track, update, and report lease information in an organized, simplistic way. Clients are left feeling confident that their data is being monitored effectively, and brokers benefit from the extra hours they’re now able to spend managing client relationships.

“The lease abstracting and reporting features of Property Works’ platform are the most important for our team on a daily basis,” says Janney. “It’s allowed our team to spend more proactive time servicing our clients.”

Ultimately, client retention is the driving force behind CRE brokers’ utilization of the Property Works’ lease-management platform. The ability to provide accurate insights and real time reporting is key. “The most important benefit of Property Works’ platform is how it helps us retain clients,” Janney continues. “Because we can easily demonstrate lease-portfolio accountability, we’ve been able to overcome inherent risks, such as the vulnerability a firm faces when a client company is sold or comes under new management.”


Final Thoughts

Like most industries over the past year, commercial real estate has had to pivot, rethinking the ways they can better manage client data. During a year that has impacted lease agreements in more ways than one, it’s vital for CRE brokers to instill trust, security, and dependability.

By leveraging the wide-ranging benefits of Property Works’ lease-management technology, commercial real-estate brokers can fortify their accounts with a competitive advantage, trusted insights, and client satisfaction. From lease abstracting to reporting, tracking to adjusting, our platform simplifies real-estate management by consolidating all complex lease data into one organized hub. And because the platform helps CRE brokers work more efficiently, it also ensures these professionals are better serving their clients.

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