5 Reasons Outsourcing Lease Management During a Pandemic Makes Sense.

As multi-unit operators around the world are scrambling to make business-critical decisions about their lease portfolio, it seems relevant to share how our clients are getting the most out of their outsourced lease management solution during the Pandemic. When our team of lease and OC experts shared the positive feedback received from our clients, 5 benefits repeatedly came up.

  1. Tracking custom rent deferrals across an entire portfolio made easy.

Tracking rent deferrals gets complicated quickly, that’s why we created a COVID 19 rent management tool available at no additional cost. Tracking rent deferrals and repayment structures are simple and easy for our clients. The COVID 19 rent deferral tool was up and running in only a matter of days after the pandemic was declared, which brings us to the next reason. 

2. A dedicated lease management team never stops

Real time accurate lease data is critical to making real estate decisions during the pandemic. During the last several months our clients relied heavily on our services to ultimately prevent money from walking out the door. That’s why Property Works has the team and infrastructure in place to prevent business disruption, so we are here when our clients need us most.

3. Force Majore Reporting

Force Majore has never been more relevant, and if lease data isn’t abstracted into one place, you could be spending valuable time reading and compiling Force Majore provisions. A robust lease management tool allows for instant data reporting and significant time savings.

4. Established and Productive relationship with landlords

One of the first steps of the Property Works onboarding process is to reach out to each of the new client’s landlords and introduce ourselves. Following the introduction, our team begins working and communicating with landlords on your behalf regularly. A productive relationship between our team and your landlords grows quickly. With a good relationship already in place, working through events like the pandemic becomes that much easier.

5. Access to professional lease negotiators

Due to the significant reduction in foot traffic, some locations have had such a large sales fall that lease restructuring is the only option. Fortunately, our team of lease management experts includes expert negotiators with proven strategies to lower occupancy costs.

If you are interested in learning more about how a lease management solution can make your life easier, schedule a demo today.

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