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Company Background
Ambrosia QSR, a rapidly growing multi-unit franchisee, is ambitiously expanding their portfolio from a few hundred to 1,000 franchised QSR Restaurant locations within the next five years. Their growth strategy comprises a blend of acquisitions, new construction, raze and rebuild, and remodeling projects, each with its own unique demands and complexities.


The Challenge
Prior to the implementation of the Property Works Development Tool, Victor Lozano, Development Manager for Ambrosia QSR spent hours chasing down updates from third-party architects and contractors. Lozano then spent even more time adding these updates to various spreadsheets. This issue was further complicated by their need to provide accurate status reports to management and the franchisor. The lack of a centralized data management platform made coordinating the disparate teams daunting, hindering overall efficiency and growth momentum.


The Solution 

Seeking a better alternative, Ambrosia QSR turned to the Property Works Development Tool. The tool brought all contributors - both in-house and external service providers - onto a single platform. Lozano and the team at Property Works began customizing the Development tool to meet Ambrosia QSR’s specifications. The first step was to create a status for each project record so management could
sort, and filter based on project status. Here are a few of the Status options:

  • PermittingAmbrosia Case Study Graphic 5

  • In Due Diligence 

  • LOI

  • Under Construction 

  • Under Contract 

  • Construction Complete 

  • Open 

Ambrosia QSR also needed to be able to sort by Asset Action, such as New Build or Re-Model. With the sorting fields in place, Ambrosia QSR began using the project milestone fields within the tool. Such as:

  • Project Start Date & Actual Start Date/ Projected Turnover & Actual Turnover

  • Associated Leases/Franchise Agreements

  • Construction Schedule/ GC Provided Schedule

  • Environmental Ordered/Environmental Received

  • PSA Effective DateAmbrosia Case Study Graphic 1

  • Closing Date

  • Brand Approval Date

  • Contact Data

  • Attachments Folder




Improved Project Management:
With the adoption of the Property Works Development Tool, Ambrosia QSR experienced an immediate improvement in project organization. All project data became easily accessible and trackable for all involved parties, regardless of their location or role. This greatly streamlined communication and improved the franchisee's oversight of each project.

Time Savings:
The Property Works Development Tool proved to be a time-saver. Manual entry into and tracking via spreadsheets became a thing of the past, and the franchisee could now focus more on strategic growth initiatives.

Custom Reporting:
One of the standout features that Ambrosia QSR particularly appreciates is the custom reporting capability. Based on the day's needs, they can create tailored reports to provide insights into different aspects of their construction projects. For example, Ambrosia QSR uses the Development Project Review Report to see Unit lease and franchise expirations dates & options. Along with the current status, LOI Accepted, due diligence, projected and actual start, turnover, and closed dates all on one report.

Progress Visualization:
Property Works has made tracking project progress simple. The tool provides a visual representation of each project's status, making it easier to monitor progress and identify any potential delays.

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Affordability and Value

An additional benefit that Ambrosia QSR discovered when implementing the Property Works Development Tool was its cost-effectiveness. When compared with other platforms and products, Property Works emerged as a more affordable solution, without compromising on functionality or user experience.



With the aggressive growth plans in place, Ambrosia QSR now has confidence in their development management process. Currently, they are managing 30+ development projects in 4 different states simultaneously. Contractors, architects, and relevant internal team members all have access to the development tool and are aware of each other’s progress.

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