Lease Portfolio Diligence and Management

Lease Portfolio Diligence Done Right with Property Works

When it comes to the complexities of lease portfolio management and transactions, overwhelm can be a substantial hindrance to clear decision-making. Without a full understanding of all the ramifications for your business, lease portfolio acquisitions can be rife with surprise pitfalls and cloudy . That's why Property Works offers lease management and transactional support services: we are the experts so you don't have to be. While we offer a comprehensive array of services, from lease administration to ESG guidance, in this post we're giving you an in-depth look at one of our most complex transactional support services: Lease Portfolio Diligence. 

Whether you're buying or selling a lease portfolio, sifting through all the particulars of the included leases is an onerous task-- yet necessary. Here's why:


Many lease components can (and should) be a factor in pricing a lease portfolio. Perhaps the locations included are highly desirable, but there are no options, or the options aren't assignable. A clear-eyed assessment of all the mitigating factors leads to a more accurate valuation. Understanding all the lease constraints or allowances is important for both sellers and buyers to have a complete picture of what the portfolio is worth.


Few things are as disappointing as finding out too late that your plans for a new location are disallowed by the lease constraints you inherited in your purchase. Nasty surprises like these are more likely to occur when a deal goes through before anyone on the buyer's team has made a full assessment of all the leases' various terms. There can be strange constraints lurking in the weeds of all that legalese. Property Works gets in the weeds for you to provide a high-level summary and recommendations, and affirm pricing in the pre-acquisition phase.


Even if you engage lease portfolio diligence services after the deal is done, Property Works can still make a huge difference in setting you up for success by picking up the baton where the acquisitions team leaves off and building a framework for your operations team. From providing a summary of all the leases' terms to assisting with establishing landlord relationships, we help you prepare to manage your portfolio smoothly right off the bat.


Property Works has built a reputation on being the solution to simplify the complexities of lease administration for multi-location tenants, and our transactional support services are provided with the same high level of diligence, attention to detail, and service that our clients expect. Ready to learn more about how Property Works can streamline lease administration at every stage for your business? Reach out here for a personalized demonstration of our software and talk to one of our lease administration specialists today about your needs and how Property Works can help.

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Property Works has been an industry leader in real estate and lease portfolio management for over 20 years, providing support to companies with multi-unit locations across a range of sectors including restaurant and retail. Since 1996, we’ve handled the portfolios of numerous Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses.

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