Let Us Renew Your Licenses & Permits While You Grow Your Business

Multi-unit operators understand the complexity of keeping licenses and permits current. Each location has multiple licenses across different jurisdictions. It takes an entire team of employees to monitor expiration dates; identify appropriate municipalities; contact the city, county, or state; and submit the necessary renewal applications and fees.
To make matters more complicated, each jurisdiction mandates different procedures and requirements. Some require a mailed application, while others demand an online application or in-person submission.
With so many permits and licenses to keep up with—especially for businesses with hundreds of locations—it’s easy to miss critical deadlines. This can lead to exorbitant late fees and even store shutdowns.
By utilizing our team of experts and specialized software platform, Property Works shoulders the burden so that business operators can focus more on what matters most: running their company.
One Centralized Data Source
Our license-and-permit software platform was built specifically to organize data for multi-unit businesses in one central location. By storing and tracking all licenses, permits, payment information, renewal dates, jurisdiction contact information, application statuses, and more, the Property Works team seamlessly controls all aspects of license-and-permit renewals.

That’s where Property Works can help. Our standalone service of license-and-permit renewals is the perfect solution for businesses that want hassle-free, meticulous upkeep of their licenses and renewal applications. And because we offer this service independently from the rest of our solutions, interested businesses can get started right away.

“We keep your licenses and renewal applications organized and current,” says Laura Simms, Project Coordinator at Property Works. “Our clients avoid unnecessary financial setbacks, fines, and even closures.”

Instead of worrying about staff turnover, and relying on outdated spreadsheets and unreliable recording systems, our clients rest easy knowing each important deadline for their licenses and permits is being tracked across different counties, cities, and states in real time.

“Clients don’t need to worry about the critical dates, because we’re monitoring it all for them,” says Jimmy Rabb, Sales Manager at Property Works. “That’s the true beauty of this service—it’s a hands-off process for the client.”

Stop Dealing with Municipalities

Business operators typically don’t have time to deal with hundreds of different licensing authorities across multiple municipalities, whereas the Property Works renewal team has already built relationships with most municipalities, enabling us to efficiently renew licenses. On all accounts, our team manages everything—from logging into the online portal of the jurisdiction, to submitting the application, to forwarding the new permit to the appropriate store once we receive it. 

“We cover the entire renewal process from beginning to end,” says Rabb. “Undertaking and organizing all of a portfolio’s licenses and permits is a beast. Having our experienced team overseeing the process ensures nothing is overlooked.”

Using the service means businesses can avoid hiring and training a handful of full-time employees to manage thousands of licenses and permits. Doing so is not only time- and resource-consuming, but risks critical dates and information being overlooked, not communicated, or updated incorrectly.

“Businesses need a reliable organizational platform and process dedicated to licenses and permits, otherwise things start slipping through the cracks and renewals will be missed,” says Rabb. 

The Property Works license-and-permit management service includes:

  • Researching the correct jurisdiction for each license

  • Documenting details of all licenses and permits for each individual location

  • Monitoring upcoming renewals

  • Outreach to the appropriate jurisdiction to renew licenses/permits

  • Paying renewal fees with client’s preferred payment method

  • Changing the notice address within all jurisdictions to that of Property Works

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The Property Works team has the experience necessary to successfully manage this function for multi-unit businesses. By shifting the responsibility to us, your team benefits from a larger capacity to focus on running your business.


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