Mortgage and Assignment Prep

Property Works to the Rescue:

Mortgages, lease assignments, landlord notices—documents like these can demand completion of duplicative paperwork and tedious, time-consuming forms. That's why Property Works is excited to offer Mortgage and Assignment Preparation as one of our recently added a la carte Transactional Support Services. With our signature combination of robust software and professional services, we turn that mountain of paper into a streamlined process that gets you through these transactions quickly with confidence, clarity, and greater operational efficiency.


The Challenge of Mass Document Production

The amount of paperwork involved in transactions requiring mortgages and lease assignments can be significant and only multiplies as portfolio sizes increase. Finding and aggregating the necessary information from existing documentation, properly completing fields of each form with the corresponding data and ensuring everything is completed timely can be overwhelming for in-house teams already busy with other aspects of the transaction and expensive for outside counsel to handle.


The Property Works Solution

Leveraging technology and our experienced transaction team, Property Works has developed a streamlined process to save you time, money, and resources:

  • We research your existing documentation to get a clear picture of all the data.
  • We manage the data collection process, extracting all the pertinent information needed for the transaction to proceed.
  • We get to work customizing and populating all the required transaction documentation, such as assignments, estoppels, and mortgages.
  • To ensure accuracy and efficiency, we coordinate with your outside counsel on aspects of document preparation.
  • We deliver all the completed documentation to appropriate stakeholders.


The Benefits of Working with Property Works

Property Works helps you optimize your portfolios with our comprehensive array of software and consultative solutions. Whether you're simply looking for a quick assist with one of our standalone Transaction Support Services, or seeking a partner in lease management and more with our Operational Support Services, we are here to support multi-unit operators at every stage with scalable solutions.


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About Property Works

Property Works has been an industry leader in real estate and lease portfolio management for over 20 years, providing support to companies with multi-unit locations across a range of sectors including restaurant and retail. Since 1996, we’ve handled the portfolios of numerous Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses.

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