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Lease Management (3)

5 Reasons Outsourcing Lease Management During a Pandemic Makes Sense.

As multi-unit operators around the world are scrambling to make business-critical decisions about their lease portfolio, it seems relevant to share how our clients are getting the most out of their outsourced lease management solution during the Pandemic. When our team of lease and OC experts shared the positive feedback received from our clients, 5 benefits repeatedly came up.

Getting Your New Landlord Relationship Off on the Right Foot

Imagine you’re about to open a new retail location. You’re excited because you landed the perfect spot, and the landlord is thrilled because the first rent check just cleared the bank. But in the moment, no one is thinking about memorializing the first dates and milestones. And why would you because everyone is aware of the dates…they’re in the email! But years from now when the email can’t be found and your lease options hinge upon key commencement dates, the mad scramble beings to identify those long-lost details.